Matter Materiality is a body of work in which each piece is just the same image. However, it is within the way the image is formed or presented that differentiates each iteration of it. As its existence shifts, the context in which the image is read also adapts, giving the same, singular image a multitude of communicated narratives.

Historically, the photographic image was seen as a complete truth, capturing and re-presenting reality in a singular, accurate moment. In some regards, truth is still synonymous with the medium of photography, and current trends such as fake news prey upon this belief. Matter Materiality alludes to the fact that no image carries one single message, nor does it show one single truth. Each onlooker of the photograph in each different iteration that it appears to them will bring to the image a different understanding, as all of our individual understandings of reality are pertient to ourselves. 

Context is important in perceiving this image within its different forms - as it should be for all images presented to us as a society.

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